I have always thought that erotic service providers are some of the greatest Muses in the world. And, as a photographer, I love Muses!


Thus, it gives me great pleasure to photograph erotic service providers--including erotic performers, professional Dommes, erotic massage and tantra practitioners, sugar babies, and escorts.













If you make your living doing one of these, I love bringing out both your natural eroticism, and your natural personality and depth.


I don’t do “cookie-cutter” shoots. You know those escort photos that all look the same? You won’t find those from me. I avoid cliches in photography the way you avoid bad time-wasting clients!


I choose original sets, with unique lighting, and work hard to come up with a clear concept in collaboration with you. A concept that captures the unique vibe and market you wish to reach. I can help you create an ambience that’s anything from soft and sweet, to mysterious and alluring, to harsh and disciplinarian (for all those Dommes out there!)














I have worked with many women in the erotic industry, and I understand your unique needs, concerns, and situation.


I understand that this is your business, and I take your time seriously. I understand that you are a pro and this isn’t some consumer “boudoir” shot for a civilian dipping her toe in erotica for the first time.


We will have creative fun in the shoot--I always value fun in my work--but I understand that ultimately this is a business for you, and the photographs have to serve your business.


Discretion and privacy is my highest priority for you--I will never use or share your photographs for any purpose without your express consent.


“Who are you, Elizabeth, and how did you get into this field?”


In high school, my best friend Annie had chronic physical pain, and this impacted the way she felt about herself and her body.  I thought she had the most beautiful face, so I wanted to support her in feeling beautiful, by showing her what I found beautiful in her, through photography.


I was a beginner then, but Annie loved the photographs I took of her so much, and started feeling so much better about her body image, that she went on the model for me the rest of our time in school. I honed my photographic chops working with her.


(This is when I learned about darkroom photography. I still believe there is a special touch to photographers who learned in a darkroom--which is more and more rare these days.)


Then, I moved onto a series of self-portraits (not to be confused with “selfies”--this was long before the age of cell phones.) My husband was a Navy man, and off in faraway seas and shores for much of the year, so I wanted to send him sexy photographs to titillate him and make him happy! But, as an artist, these had to be well-crafted photographs, developing in a darkroom, not snapshots.


After college, I moved to Japan to live on a Navy base--where I had an endless supply of hot men to do makeovers on and photograph!


Once I moved back to New York, I had clearly developed my passion for supporting people in loving their bodies--particularly their nude bodies--in boudoir and erotic photography.


During this time, I started getting connected to the burlesque, BDSM and latex fetish scenes, where I found a group of interesting and beautiful photographic subjects passionate about expressing the erotic through photography.


After my move to the West coast, I connected with an erotic service provider named Muse Magdalene who was a dream photography subject for me. She was willing to “go there” with me into documenting deep erotic ritual & magic.


At this time, I realized that I wanted to go deeper into supporting erotic service providers in bringing their work out into the world, because I believe in you and the work you’re doing.


“How does this all work, Elizabeth, and what does it cost?”


My pricing structure is simple: cost + $300 for an afternoon of shooting.


“Cost” can be anywhere from zero if you live in Seattle and have a location you’d like to use--or would like to use my own home studio.


If you want to rent a particular location for a particular look, a makeup artist, hair, costumes, etc-- you cover the cost, I never mark it up.


I’m willing to fly down to Portland, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, and New York for a shoot at no extra cost if you pay for my coach airfare. I have places to stay in all these cities.


What You Get


I strive to be totally transparent in pricing. Thus, I offer one of the simplest pricing structures you’ll find in the business.


For your $300, you get immediate access to all the raw photographs I shoot that day, via Dropbox.


Editing photographs is X per photo, and can usually be completed within 24-48 hours.


That’s it. It’s simple. You get full rights to use the photos however you want. And I won’t use them or share them for any purpose without your express permission.


(I do appreciate crediting/tagging if you post them on the Internet, but that is not a requirement.)


My Mission


It is my great privilege to photograph erotic service providers such as yourself. I truly admire the stand you take every day to normalize and de-stigmatize the healthy, adult, consensual expression of the wide range of human sexuality. I believe in what you’re doing, and I am honored that you consider me for joining together in creating beautiful art that furthers your goals, your purpose, and your business.


Ready to start? Email me here. Tell me a bit about yourself, and about the concept you have in mind. Please share what city you’re in, what type of location you’d like to shoot in, if you already have that location or would need to rent it, and any other details you’d like to share about the shoot.


I’d also like to see your current advertising and photography to get an idea of how you’ve already put yourself out in the world visually, but that is not a requirement.


I’m excited to work with you. Talk soon! :)

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